Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is anyone else having Lost and 24 withdrawl? I am, that's for sure. Both ended on the same week. Talk about cold turkey. And the loss of the ritual that my mom and I had, watching Lost and drinking cosmopolitans. That eventually made its way over to 24 as well. Both superior shows. Well done.

It's stifling hot here, and humid. I've taken advantage of the neighborhood pool a couple times. I've found a peace there in the water. It's a membership only pool, which is nice because it doesn't become overrun and overused. I go and see people I know, chat a bit, and do my laps. I go in the evening when it's still light but sunburn isn't a danger. It's been in the 90's, and I started out of need.

First, I need the exercise.

Second, since the show wrapped, I my went into night mode and it can be a lonely existence. I start my day late and therefore have half a day less to enjoy things that are open. The first day that I swam, I was in bed before midnight and completely stoked about it. My body tried to fight it, waking up at 5:40 in the morning. I got up, surfed the net a bit, went back to sleep. Defeated the purpose. The next day, I swam again, went to bed a bit before 1:00AM, did better. I still woke up frightfully early, but managed to go back to sleep and still get up at a decent time. Right now, my body isn't responding to melatonin. So, I tried exercise. It's been great, and I feel more human. The pool is a block from my house.

And oh, in this heat it feels so good to have my body surrounded by water.

The other thing that has certainly interfered with my sleep is the damn air conditioner. I can't sleep in a hot room, and certainly not a humid one. So, the air conditioner is a must for me. Unfortunately, I have a window air conditioner, and I hate it. HATE it. I hate being cut off from the sounds of the outdoors, and the persistent hum is annoying. Also, the coolness feels fake and stale. Even if I have the AC set on open, the air just feels canned in my room. Because my ceilings are so high, it's almost impossible to retain cool. I bought a dehumidifier, but what does that add? Another hum in the room! Great! I have the AC, the fan in front of the AC, and if I want to decrease the humidity, well gee, the HEAT producing dehumidifier. Yes, it produces heat because it takes in air, and spits it out.

I need a drink.

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