Thursday, May 25, 2006

Posting has slowed again, I know. I've decompressed, now I'm moving toward boredom. Luckily, I'm keeping myself somewhat busy with my personal projects and job searching. The weather has been weird here. More chilly than I would expect at this time of year. The students are gone, so our pedestrian traffic isn't as varied and colorful as a result.

I've started uploading more pictures to my Flickr account. What a great service! Someone awhile ago had asked me if I had taken pictures when they were filming the Nicole Kidman movie on my street. I've posted a few up there which you should view at full size to see the blurry details. The lighting was weird, being wholly artificial, so the results aren't ideal. I'll be uploading more as I can. Since then, they filmed a TV pilot in that same spot.

I've also posted pictures of Sammy, the six-toed cat, and a couple from Mexico. Maintaining it is a lot of work, but rewarding. And my God, there are some talented photographers out there. What a great concept, photo sharing. All these lives going on at the same time, pictures of places, people, and animals that are important to them. Little freeze frames of the world that are otherwise nonexistent to us.

But back to my boredom. The upside of it is that it forces me into a sea of no purpose to see what I feel like doing. Kind of like a baseline when taking a lie detector test. I'm not chained to a desk, saying "If I weren't here I'd be basejumping." Now, I'm not there. So from that baseline, I'm clearing my mind and seeing where it leads me. What's important, and helps accomplish this, is that I've allowed myself to not feel I have to spend this entire time off being productive. In all honesty, since we wrapped I haven't felt like being productive in a creative sense. I still write, as that's a given, but haven't pursued any other endeavors. I guess I'm just fine with that for now. Fine to let that baseline settle and see exactly where I am.

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