Monday, April 24, 2006

Slowly but surely, I'm getting through uploading my pictures onto Flickr. I started with my Legolas costume, not all photos are up, but most, and totally dig that Flickr resizes your photos for you. Half the pain in the ass in posting things like that was making thumbnails.

I'm mildly tipsy from a cosmopolitan after watching 24. It's become a tradition. I walk to my mom's house on Monday and Wednesday, Jack makes cosmopolitans for mom and me, fantastic ones at that, and we watch on Monday 24, and Wednesday, Lost. Then, I'm mildly buzzed, and Jack walks me home. Jack my stepdad that is, not Jack Bauer.

I had a wholly productive weekend getting my work done. I ran into one of the actresses from our show in Starbucks, she was recognized by a few people and it was interesting to be "in" by knowing her. We saw each other, chatted, gossiped, people strained ears to listen while they tried to look like they weren't listening. After our chat, I sat back down to work and got stares. People wondered who I was to be so familiar with her. I won't lie, it was fun to cause that kind of interest in those around me.

I had to send myself to bed at 1AM Sunday night, as I could have worked more. I set up my laptop, watched some TV, did work. A thunderstorm boomed outside, flashes of lightning filled the sky, rain poured in a steady stream. I typed on. I had on wonderful ambient music that comes on our public radio station on Sunday night, chilled, worked, felt better about the two weeks to go. Went to bed, read. Today, I got a good look at where I am in finishing and felt much better. My jaw pain hasn't returned, and I'm optimistic about finishing the hardest part of my job, the continuity book, a week ahead of schedule.

We're on our last couple weeks of filming the last episode, then everyone goes off to rest or to their next job. Some people stay longer than me, others leave when I do. Our wrap party is this weekend, even though I have a week of work after that.

I have no idea what I'm going to wear, even though I have many dresses. Last year's wrap party was a ton of fun. I look forward to this one.

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