Monday, January 09, 2006

Talk about a welcome back and hitting the ground running.

I came back from Mexico to a message from one of my super fabulously talented creative director friends from Los Angeles who wanted me for a copywriting job. I was forty minutes back into the country, and talking shop already. I was thrilled to hear from him and that he'd been hunting me down. We've worked a lot together and it's always fun and completely cohesive. He brings out some of my best work. Even cooler, he's been to Sayulita.

A little less than a week later, another one of my super fabulously talented creative director friends from Los Angeles wanted me for another copywriting job. I've also worked with her a lot and once again, the combination is a winning one.

Besides my job on the show, I've been working on these jobs during my off hours and over the weekend. It's been kicking my ass, but I'm thrilled to have so much work. Especially, because both of these people always have fun, interesting, high-profile, work. In both cases, the work is very high profile, one being stratospheric level profile.

The most important thing for me is how much I enjoy working with them and on these projects. When I can use this part of my brain to think and work with such talented folks, things flow in perfect harmony. Ego, everything leaves, and it's about reaching that bar that has been raised.

Doing this work with these wonderful friends also keeps my Los Angeles foot firmly planted in the ground both professionally and personally. It gives me hope that there is a future to both perform at this level should I one day return to the town and people that I've been missing. On my resume, I'll have current work done for top level firms and major clients that are based in Los Angeles.

It's kept me very busy. But, good busy.

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