Friday, October 14, 2005

A week between postings again.

Work has been frenetic, with us staying on Monday until midnight. I don't mind those nights, but don't want to have them in a row. The next night was 8:30 or so, but I got a free dinner out of it through the second meal clause. If we work so many hours, we get dinner. As soon as the food came, we were sent home. So, I enjoyed my sushi in front of the television while two envious cats sat on either side of me.

Thankfully, Wednesday was early and I could go home and watch Lost. Such a great show, and Sawyer's delivery of the line, "Bitch," coupled with great editing cracked us all up. Those of you who watch the show will know the scene to which I refer.

Speaking of lost...

This weekend at my coffee shop, one of the regulars there confessed something to me that I'm not sure he should have. I've had a couple light conversations with him before, so he wasn't a complete stranger. He had been in the shop a while when he came over to my table and asked if he could sit down. We chatted, and a few minutes into it, I felt that he was struggling with wanting to tell me something. Finally, it came out, and I'll just say that it involved legal trouble and leave it at that. He left that up for me to guess as well. He mentioned he was charged, but didn't want to tell me with what for fear of what I might think. I didn't press him on it.

I don't know if he told me because I was a stranger, and I'll go so far as to say a female stranger, but the odd part was that he sought me out to talk about it. We weren't sitting next to each other and happened to start up a conversation. I was writing, and he walked across the room and asked if he could sit down. I've seen him there before many times where we just kept to ourselves and wrote on our laptops. The times we have talked, it's been because we were sharing a large table in order to have access to the outlet, and the other table near the outlet is taken.

So, I listened, and offered advice. It was vanilla advice, such as the surface level things of retaining an attorney and knowing your rights. I added, speaking from experience, that it's no fun for the plaintiff either. I didn't tell him things were going to be ok, because I have no idea what he did. It was enough for the police to seek him out and place him under arrest, that much he told me. I don't know what he wanted coming to me like that and bearing his soul. I didn't offer the "any time that you want to talk, I'm here" thing, because I'm not comfortable with that. I can't help but think that the crime is against a woman and that makes me nervous. The whole thing rang of that, and my instincts are usually pretty good.

Another uncomfortable situation came to me today at work. Someone that I don't know very well decided to stop by the office because he wanted to impress some people whom he'd just met, that he had an "in" with our show. I have nothing against this person, but dropping by unannounced was completely inappropriate and damn inconsiderate, especially on a Friday. And, he doesn't have an "in" with our show. He's actually pissed off a few people in the office by calling up and lying about things to try to get an interview with the producers.

I came out to greet him and saw that he had a couple with him. The girl, who was Japanese, was a comedienne who wanted to be an actress. The couple was from Los Angeles, and I certainly wasn't upset at them since they didn't know the situation. And that, was that their newfound friend was playing up his connections to be more than what they were. Though I didn't show it, I was upset that this person thought he could just drop by and use me as a tool for whatever in God's name he was trying to pull on these people. Again, I have to be vague, and thankfully someone was there whom I asked to intercept and explain the actor submission policy. I did that because I wanted to send a message that in his case, I wasn't the person to contact about such things. Also, to place a barrier between us in case he wants to try this again.

The woman had her headshot with her and we took it to send to our casting director. And, as a courtesy to these people we will indeed send it. However, they are no further ahead than if they had just sent it in themselves. This person knows someone who worked on the show last year and wasn't asked to come back. That person knows the policy so I don't know why it wasn't done that way. Anyway, I was irritated by the whole thing because it just reeked of dishonesty. Plus, our building has a security intercom and he probably used my name to get in. That again irritates me.

I know everyone has dreams and I'm all about helping people if I'm in a position to do so. However, it's how one decides to approach those dreams which makes all the difference. The girl whom I helped get the casting internship is a prime example. There was a trust formed first, and she approached the topic intelligently, courteously, and correctly. She showed hutzpah in just the right doses and had something to back it up. The casting director tells me time and time again how thrilled she is with her. Another woman wanted to be an actress and I encouraged her and offered help. Again, trust. These were both people who learned what I did for a living through the grapevine at the coffee shop. One worked there, the other worked at Whole Foods. They didn't try to scheme their way in. They were up front and honest, as I would be. And in return, I was honest in the limits of how much or how little that I could help them attain their goals.

I carried that same principle at the store when I was there. I hated scammers, and never wavered on being a roadblock for the greedy adult children who wanted something they didn't earn. I didn't care how small the cheat was, it wasn't happening on my watch. Sure, those who cheat might get through a few doors more quickly than the honest person, but what they don't understand is that they are in a labyrinth that only allows them to make lateral moves once they get so far. More times than not, those who are honest find their doors open to exactly where they want to be and leave the cheaters in their wake.

Speaking of being honest, my car insurance rates didn't go up after my little mishap. Conscience was already intact, and thankfully so are my rates.

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