Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I now live in a swank neighborhood in Washington, DC.

Well, for two nights. The movie crew for The Untitled Nicole Kidman Project, a.k.a., The Visiting, previously known as Invasion, has changed our street into Washington, DC, street signs and all. The scenes they are filming are supposed to be taking place Halloween night, so the decorations are over the top and very well done. One house has giant spiders all over one side, another has lighted ghosts dangling like lanterns along a leaf covered fence.

I keep hearing, "Action," and "Cut" and walkies beeping and crackling, mechanical lifts heaving and sighing, and voices of the production crew. Earlier, neighbors told me that Nicole Kidman was walking up and down the street for a scene, right in front of our places. I was at work for that one, as it was shot earlier. My mom and I saw Nicole when they were here a couple weeks ago. Right now, she's shooting another scene just half a block down. These are all exterior shots and it is quite a spectacle. Almost surreal.

They are going to be filming until late, or shall I say early in the morning.

Better them than me.

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