Friday, October 07, 2005

Ah, Friday.

I've been waiting for the weekend ever since last Sunday night. I just wasn't in the mood to work this week, and knew that it wasn't just the Sunday night blues, but would last the entire week. It has, but has lifted now that it is Friday.

On Wednesday, my mom and I took a walk around the neighborhood and passed by where they were filming what is now called, The Visiting, with Nicole Kidman. Our timing was impeccable, as we saw Nicole exit a town car and go into the building. She's a totally gorgeous woman, but quietly so, if that makes sense. It was weird to see her in my neighborhood, whether it's under the guise of a film location or not. She's a huge star.

They are filming in a privately owned rowhouse, which the production emptied and replaced with their set furniture. They put the homeowner up in a hotel and paid her $30,000 for the week. Once they are finished, they put everything back and repair any damages. Not bad, if you ask me. However, I have heard that film crews can really make a mess in houses. I guess it depends on the crew. So far, this one has been respectful and nice to the neighbors. They are taking up three blocks with their vehicles, catering trucks, have a craft services tent on the corner and a medic who sits in a chair, standing by for any emergencies.

After our Nicole sighting, my mom and I rounded the corner and I introduced her to Sammy the six-toed cat. I call him Sammy Six Toes, since he has six toes on his two front paws. He's a great cat, very affectionate, and hilarious. He's a black and white cat, and hangs out in his back yard. I call him, and he jumps up on the brick wall surrounding it for some petting. He drapes those six-toed paws over the wall and just basks in the attention, appreciating the petting so much that he starts drooling slightly. He has a brother named Spanky who hangs out as well. Apparently, they've both endeared themselves to the film crew as have other neighborhood cats. On my walk last night, I passed by again and saw a white cat hanging out with the crew. Kitty kept going into the house, and people would bring her out, pet her, and she'd go right back in. It was so cute. All the cats mentioned have owners, by the way.

They hit my street in the next week or two for exterior scenes. I saw a bunch of kids in costume running around last night, so my guess is that the scenes take place on Halloween. This has been a fun, nice change for the neighborhood, busying it up a bit with foot traffic and people walking their dogs. New faces and people out at night. The MICA students have been hilarious, sitting on rowhouse steps and chattering about aliens and Nicole Kidman. I talked to a gorgeous kid, who definitely preferred the male gender, but what a handsome kid. Tall, dark, handsome, and probably preferred the same. Good sense of humor, too as he laughed at my jokes. Normally, the neighborhood residents are invisible to the MICA students, who are so busy being artists and absorbed in their thoughts of being the best and brightest. Us neighbors hardly register, but I'm not offended, because oh, do I know where they are coming from.

Of course, they would never believe me.

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