Tuesday, September 06, 2005


It's the second worse thing to hear when you are backing out of your parking place in a crowded lot. The worst thing to hear is "My baby! My baby!" I got the second worse option, thankfully. However, it wasn't a nice consolation prize. Especially when you look back and see that the car you just hit is a pristine, or uh, formerly pristine, BMW Z4.

And it had started out such a nice day.

I'm sure the woman driving it thought the same thing. It was a mother and daughter, with the car belonging to the daughter who looked to be around 26, give or take a few years. I got out and apologized, and mom in protective mode said sharply, "Sorry isn't going to cut it."

I said, "My insurance will."

At that, things calmed down and mom told me that the daughter had just had it repaired from another incident where she was hit. As the daughter wrote down my information, I told her mom that I knew exactly how she felt. And honestly, I did. She looked doubtful until I mentioned my TT getting hit back to back. I told her when I was broadsided in Beverly Hills by a woman on her cell phone in a Lexus, and how insult was added to injury when I saw the woman being interviewed on E! in a True Hollywood Story episode. Then, had to see her on billboards in my neighborhood pushing her diet pill product. That got a laugh from mom. Thirty days later, I was clipped by a woman changing lanes who was as horrified as I was when I hit this woman. I really felt like shit about it.

There are few things that make you feel more stupid than a car accident that is your fault, especially a minor one like that. Sure, my insurance rate will go up, but really, it's that I've caused someone a major pain in the ass of having to get an estimate for damage, taking it to the shop, not having their car for a few days and then having to worry if the value on their vehicle has decreased sharply. I don't know what the laws are, but it's true that a vehicle does decrease in resale value when it has been involved in a fender bender. And that's what this was. Her rear lower quarter panel was damaged. They'll probably end up replacing it. Hopefully that will save the resale value from going down too much.

I told the two ladies not to worry, that I'd call my insurance company and let them know what happened, and that it was my fault. Because frankly, it was. The daughter shook my hand after everything was done and thanked me for being so responsible. I thanked her for not hitting me over the head with her purse.

When I got home, I had a message from my insurance company to call them about the claim. When I answered all the mandatory questions, I told them what happened and that it was clearly my fault. The insurance representative was shocked that I was being so honest and nice about it. I was shocked that anyone wouldn't be. She told she that she's had some real experiences with customers on the phone who push things to the brink on trying to avoid responsibility even when it's clearly their fault.

I do not get that.

Who the hell are they to put everyone through the stress of an investigation just because they made a mess and don't want to clean it up? When the lines of fault are blurry, fine. But when in my case, you backed into a stationary object, shut up and take the consequences, you lame dick.

Luckily, I won't have to pay a deductible since my insurance, (which is also the girl's insurance company) will go to repairing her car. My car sustained no damage.

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