Sunday, August 14, 2005

Since when did Baltimore become a tropical climate? It has been so hot, so humid here, that it's beyond ridiculous. Last night, it was so hot after dark I could barely walk a few feet without breaking a sweat. Today, same thing. I'm sitting here typing with the AC on, two fans, and a dehumidifier, and I'm still hot. Before I go to bed, I'm going to take a lukewarm shower to cool off my hot skin. Last night, I had to get up and sponge myself off with a wet washcloth. I have a 10,000 BTU window AC, and it barely penetrates my bedroom. Granted, I have almost twelve foot ceilings in a huge room, but I should be able to feel frigid in there when I have it set at 64 degrees and on high fan. Not the case. As I type, the power is mildly fluctuating. Let's just say, it better not even think of going there.

Once again, I have some of the most well traveled books. One of the actors on our show is currently serving in Iraq, and we sent him a care package full of goodies to share with his fellow soldiers. One of the things that I contributed were my paperback books that I’d already set aside for round two of giveaway in the hallway. The last time that I did that, a delighted man from Uganda happened upon them and took several back with him to his country. Now, the books are destined for Iraq, where hopefully they will become dog-eared and worn as they are passed from soldier to soldier.

Ironically, a few days after the package was sent, I got an email from a reader in Iraq who was on a military base just outside of Baghdad. It is so strange to think of the souls across the world who read this blog, and my face appearing on a computer screen in Baghdad. It made me happy to think that I’m offering a bit of the day to day back in the states for someone who is so far from home. The two events were totally unrelated, and I have no idea how he found my blog. Perhaps it was synchronicity at work.

Last night, my mom left a message to tell me that the Metallica documentary was on television. I was in the middle of cleaning my fireplace, with rubber gloves and all, so I didn't answer the phone. I did however, grab the remote with a soapy, sooty gloved hand and switch the channel. My mom called me not because we are a couple of head banging Metallica fans, but because the father of a childhood friend of mine who is now a life coach to the stars, is in the documentary. We'd heard of this when the movie came out and laughed out loud. Though we'd had plans to see the movie in the theater, we never got around to it. It was showing on VH1 and I got a glimpse of Phil Towle helping, and sometimes pissing off the band in his efforts. Phil Towle, it was so perfect and completely plausible. The guy was a social worker, very intense and sort of out there when we were kids. The word groovy comes to mind. He relinquished his social work license in Kansas, and became a life coach. He now lives in Northern California and charges $40,000 per month for his services. A far cry from the free coaching I got from Phil when he coaxed me into holding his son Adam's pet boa constrictor.

Speaking of television, I finally upgraded mine. I've been surviving on a little 13 inch color Sony Trinitron that I've had for at least a decade. It has an awesome picture, it's just small. During my flush years, I bought a huge Sony Wega flat screen that was awesome, and moved the little tiny screen to the kitchen. When I was paring down, I sold it. For my birthday and celebration of starting work again, I bought another set, this one is a 30 inch Samsung SlimFit HDTV flat screen. Awesome, awesome, and awesome. I liked it because is really is a lot slimmer than the Wega, and has excellent picture quality. I got the thumbs up on my choice from Felix, who is the know all of electronics. Samsung is not what it used to be and has great products. Felix sent me a brand new Samsung HD-DVD player for my birthday that I have connected to my HDMI input in the television. Just a beautiful picture. I also subscribed to digital cable, and got HBO and Showtime. I figured since I work on a show that airs on HBO, I might as well have the channel. Last year, I walked to my mom's house to watch it.

Speaking of work, it's still going really well and I'm enjoying it as much as I was my first week. As I said, my mindset is different. I'm absorbing more and am more "present" when I'm there. The script supervisor told me that he felt really good about this year, and I said the same thing. We were nominated for an Emmy this year, but we were talking about the cohesiveness in the office. I worked with him last year, so we all know what to expect from each other. We have a new writer's assistant, whom I already like a lot and has proven to be really on the ball. It's also nice to have another female in there to further balance the testosterone in the office. One of the P.A.s came into the writer's office and commented that "it smells like girls in here."

We had mild incense burning, and have brought plants, a yoga mat and yoga ball into the office. What can we say? We're girls. I guess we'll know our influence went too far if this season of The Wire becomes a romantic comedy.

Now, if you'll excuse me while I go powder my nose.

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