Sunday, August 28, 2005

Please say a prayer for the people in New Orleans and the surrounding areas who are facing a monster category 5 hurricane tonight.

New Orleans is below sea level, so this will be particularly devastating if it continues on its current path and sustains its strength. I was in Baltimore for hurricane Isabel, which was a category 1 or 2, and posted photos on my blog some the damage that it caused in my neighborhood. A category 5, for those who aren't in the know, is catastrophic.

Please keep the people in the area in your thoughts.

Here are some New Orleans based blogs of those who have evacuated:

Blogging Katrina from Downtown New Orleans

Blood Orchid

Velvet Rut

S Turtle


Some that are not on blogspot or live journal may go down as the storm hits. Many of the New Orleans based blogs were already down.

I'm really worried about those in rural areas who have no electricity, no phone or way of even knowing this thing is coming. It's not uncommon for that area where there are a lot of people living way below the poverty level in hard to reach areas.

I don't know, but this one has me scared for these people.

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