Friday, July 15, 2005

Was I crazy? What forces, wizard swept or not, made me get into my car at last minute to attend the Harry Potter midnight release party? It was hot, and so humid that I could see the moisture in the air. Yes, see it! I had no idea there would be so many people. So many!

I had reserved my book a while ago, and therefore got a coveted yellow wristband, pictured at top, from my former coworkers. My wristband told me that I was number 498 in line of the people who had reserved their books. Does that tell you how many people were there? These are people who reserved books ahead of time, not the ones who were taking a chance and lining up around the building in the other long line.

In my own long line, I talked to the people around me and when I saw my former coworkers, hugged them and said hello. I watched them manage the line and do a great job. It was good to see them and they all looked great. No, being an ex-coworker doesn't allow you any privileges when it comes to Harry Potter release night, nor was I expecting any. It was great to be a part of the phenomenon and see so many people in line who are excited for a book.

The man in line next to me was getting a book as a surprise for his son. He said he was going to put it on his son's night table so when he woke in the morning it would be there. What a wonderful dad!

Now, off to the world of Harry before sleep takes me. And yes, I know I'm a huge geek.

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