Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I had a fun Fourth of July with my nephew Alec, my mom and Jack. We went aboard the USS Constellation for dinner and to watch the fireworks on the harbor. It was a pay deal, which put us away from the crowds and literally right on the water. The ship is docked permanently, I think. That was fun because we could people watch while we waited for it to get dark. Alec and I went below deck and explored the 152 year old ship. It was tight quarters back then, and I had to duck on some levels of the ship because the ceiling was so low. I'm 5'4, if that puts it into perspective. The captains and high ranking officer's quarters aren't the glamorous rooms you see on ships in the movies, but rather a small area with a trunk and a short bed. They are certainly better than the hanging hammocks for the rest of the crew, but only in that they offer a hard bed and one's own space. For everyone else, absolutely no privacy.

The fireworks were spectacular, of course.

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