Thursday, July 14, 2005

I had court, part deux, today with my former neighbors and learned that there will be another sequel. I expected as much, since last time my neighbors showed up without an attorney and were given a chance to get one. This time, they had a defense attorney with them. I was surprised that they hadn't acquired an attorney the first time they came. If it were me accused of a crime, for God's sake I'd take that court appointed attorney if I couldn't afford one.

I haven't mentioned much about the court because one, it is still going on, and two, I don't think about it much except for the days that I have to appear. Today, the neighbors opted for a jury trial, another move that I anticipated even though I am not experienced in the court process. They could face a lot of time, and therefore want to leave their fate up to a Baltimore City jury. That trial will take place in the circuit court in a couple weeks. They will probably postpone again this next time. If not, I'll be telling my story to a jury of twelve. I think they are going the "wear her down route," but I don't wear down. I'm not emotionally involved enough to get discouraged or wear down. We are where we are and it will lead where it does. Eventually, the trial will happen and we can all get on with our lives, whether for them it means freedom, probation, or jail, and for me and my witnesses, life without court dates. It would be better for Betty and Igor to do this sooner rather than later, because the trial will happen unless it gets thrown out of court. And again, that's better sooner rather than later too.

I'm not concerned with the outcome, nor out to destroy anyone. I'm concerned with the judicial process being allowed to take its course as a result of the actions of my two former upstairs neighbors. They know what they did, and they got caught. Because they got caught, they have to go to court and appear before a judge. What happens from there, such as the jury's decision or the judge's decision, is out of my hands. The point is that the process took place.

The prosecutor that I had today was a very good looking man. Aside from having blessed genetics and looking great in a suit, he was a big fan of The Wire which, pardon the pun, didn't hurt my case. He won't be prosecuting the case in circuit court, as it will fall into the hands of another prosecutor.

I start back up with The Wire on Monday.

I'm mixed about starting work full-time again, but I'm coming from a different place this time in that I know what to expect, have the rhythm of my job down and a much different perspective that I can't really explain well. All I know is that the new perspective is a good one. It's one that is more eager and less negative. When I came from the bookstore, I existed in a negative haze that I don't have this time. Oh please don’t get me wrong, I still feel the way I do about the human flotsam that I encountered at the store and very much the same about Baltimore. But, my head is in a much more pleasant place, and though I know the harsh subject matter in the show will get to me from time to time, I can create a barrier between it and my psyche.

I will be really glad to see the people that I worked with again and see the creative machine at work in building a television program. Also, because this season starts a new story arc, there will be a ton of new characters, story lines, and that will be very interesting to see develop.

At the Starbucks that I go to, the staff has gotten to know me and I them. One of the girls who works there just finished her film degree at Towson University, and we've talked many times about my job and that she was looking for an internship. She wanted to break into the film industry and I told her the different avenues to do just that. That is, the ones that I know. You can break in so many ways and everyone has their stories of their unique entry. I told her about our casting director and offered to write a letter of recommendation in her favor if she wanted to send in a resume. She did, and I did, and as pre-production came closer, I contacted the casting director again and championed her case. The rest was up to the girl, and she ended up getting the internship. I'm thrilled for her. She's also thrilled. It's her first job in show business and it makes me happy that I made a difference for someone. It's going to be a great experience for her.

I just got an email from her, part of which she said the following:

I honestly can't thank you enough for getting me this internship, ***** said that I was really lucky to be able to get in there because it's a tight circle and usually *** doesn't take interns. So having you push to get me there is really the thing that did it.

Cool, man.

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