Saturday, June 25, 2005

I went to my first Orioles game last Sunday. I had a great time. This is me with my cousin-in-law Marc. Hi Marc! I know that he and Amy check my blog sometimes. Hi Amy! anne_marcMy mom, uncle Robin, who generously splurged for the awesome seats behind home plate, my aunt, cousin Margaret and her husband Angus made up our group and we sat in two rows of three and one row of two. It was great, because that put us in a cluster to be able to talk to each other. Margaret and Angus had their baby daughter Lane with them. She was so teeny weeny and cute.

Camden Yards was beautiful, and lively with people selling wares outside the stadium. Inside it was a great scene, too. The Orioles have great fans and that was really fun. A guy in front of us was hilarious. You could tell that he loved his O's. What a sweetheart, he turned around and shook hands with Angus, wishing him a happy Father's Day. That was really sweet.

Before the game, we all had bratwurst on the grill at Marc and Amy's place. Delicious and wonderful. And the Orioles won, icing on the cake.

Gooseneck RockerMy mom and I went to Frederick on Wednesday to go antique shopping. We didn't buy anything, but what a great historical town. I was looking for a chair for my living room. I ended up getting one here locally for a fantastic price. Love those consignment stores.

This is the rocker in my living room.

I'd been wanting a rocker for ages, but not a country type granny rocker. Man, there are some ugly rockers out there! I got a great goose neck rocker for get this, $90. I'm going to recover it, and it will look fantastic, I'm sure.

gooseneck rocker The rocker from behind.

I like that whatever upholstery I choose will be visible in the back. Once that is finished I'll get a pillow and throw. Luckily, the fabric on it now doesn't clash with my living room furniture. In fact, it goes quite well. I liked this rocker because it's old, solid looking and has a lot of character. Not to mention, is unusual. Rocks great, too. Finally, I have a rocker!

By the way, the furry lump on the table is Atticus.

Gooseneck Rocker
And this is why it's called a goose neck rocker! If the twins were looking at it on Antique Roadshow, they'd certainly notice that the wood has a nice patina. I'd love to know its story. Not worth a thing, but I'd be interested in knowing it's origins, or who owned it before me.

I also went to the Restoration Hardware warehouse sale, not expecting to find a thing since they are expensive. I've bought full price there before, so I had very low hopes. Let me just say this. If you get that post card in the mail advertising the sale, by all means, go. Incredible prices, slashed less than half off. Some were as much as 60-70% off. Also, the service at the event is excellent. I was asked every few minutes by a new employee if I needed help and everyone was incredibly nice. RH actually flies employees out from stores across the country to work these sales. They have people to put the stuff in your car for you, or you can also choose to have it shipped. Mine went right into the car.

This is the chair that I bought, though mine is in white. Once again, it will be reupholstered and needed a slight repair to align one of the legs, but I got it for a third of its original price. Go me! The reupholstering isn't needed immediately, it's just that white chairs will get dirty and I like color in a room. I didn't get the ottoman since they didn't have it there, but want it in the future. For the time being, I got a sage colored chenille throw and pillow at Target, yes, Target, and have it on the chair now. It looks awesome and the style goes with my couch, which also has a nailhead trim. Of course, the cats think I bought the chair for them. Scout is sacked out on it as I type.

So yes, I'm nesting a bit before I start work again. I'm also due for an enormous clutter purge. Like I said the day my neighbors were evicted, I'm tired of the gypsy life, and that includes when I walk into my apartment. Though I have some incredibly nice furniture, I've needed chairs for years. Now, I have chairs. I'm not nesting to stay, but while I'm here I want to feel at home when I walk into the door. I didn't see that before, that it's okay to maximize my feelings of comfort and stability in this present, instead of holding out for some other future.

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