Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I learned that the show wanted me back when I received this email last week from the producer's office. Sender's name removed to protect the guilty.

tried calling you just now , but you refused to answer -- you ingrate!!

Give us a call."

Finally, someone who has refined the art of email correspondence.

Of course, we spoke on the phone so I could get the details. I should be starting back around the 18th of July.

The heat index is supposed to be around 102 degrees today with high humidity. Luckily, last night I bought a dehumidifier. I can't take the humidity when trying to sleep. I just can't. I have a window air conditioner, a fan, and now a dehumidifier. I can't sleep with all three in the room, too much noise, so I moved the dehumidifier out of my bedroom once I was going to sleep. Let it do the work on the other parts of the apartment during the night.

Speaking of sleep, it's been elusive at night again. So, I just go with it. I read, try not to think to much, or piddle around on the internet. When I was in college in New York and this would happen, I'd go on walks, sometimes as early as three in the morning. Completely nutty, I know but thankfully nothing happened. It's amazing the different life the city had at that time. The people whose jobs took place overnight, busy at work and wondering what I was doing strolling about by myself. I looked too clean to be a street urchin, but my age made them curious. I'd see other wanderers, people who were coming back from clubs or wandering themselves. Some tourists. Usually foreign, and in groups. But mostly, the streets were empty. Glass shimmering asphalt reflecting street lights, steam rising from manholes. Stores closed and waiting for tomorrow's customers. It was as if I'd told everyone to leave so that I could see New York without them. I would walk a long way, and once I'd settled my wandering mind with wandering feet I'd return, ready for sleep. Oh, to feel invincible again. I wouldn't dare walk around Baltimore at night. Of course, knowing I'm not invincible isn't the only reason for that.

So I wander online, or in a book. And eventually, sleep takes me to places that exist only in dreams.

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