Saturday, June 18, 2005

I just saw the movie Batman Begins. Excellent, excellent, excellent intelligent action film. Best movie I've seen in a very long time. I was really blown away. I came not expecting much, because I hadn't read a thing about it, including reviews, and had only seen one preview. And because of that, just thought it was Hollywood trying to do a quick and dirty cash in. Thankfully I was wrong. If you miss this one in the theater, you will be sorry. I feel like I just saw a big budget indie. I will probably go see it again. Christian Bale makes a great Batman and it had one hell of a supporting cast.

Tomorrow, I go to my first ever Orioles game at Camden Yards. My cousins arranged to take my uncle to the game and invited family over for a BBQ, then baseball. My uncle insisted on springing for the tickets and got us seats behind home plate. It's been forever and a day since I've been to a baseball game, but I hear Camden Yards is a great experience. I think I'm in for a treat.

My dad was best friends with Brooks Robinson as a boy and still sees him from time to time. He has great Brooks memorabilia as a result and pictures of him and Brooks playing baseball together when they were kids. When I was nine or ten, we had lunch with the Baltimore Orioles when they were in Kansas City. He was retired by then but still involved with the team in some way I believe. We had lunch at the top of a hotel in a private banquet suite they had for the team. I was oblivious, being a nine-year-old girl obsessed with Star Wars. I think I may have asked Brooks if he knew Mark Hamill. He didn't. It was fun though, and Brooks gave a signed baseball and picture to my sister and me. I think my dad still has both in safe keeping. He is a very sweet man. I have another funny story about Brooks calling me when I was at American Ballet Theatre and my baseball obsessed coworker answering the phone, time.

I have a change in email address that is now linked from my send me email link. If you give a shit, please update. I'm not typing it here for obvious reasons. I'll make the spam spiders work that much harder to get it. I decided to leave AOL after ten years with them. It was nostalgia that kept me with it, but my wallet finally spoke louder. I got both digital cable, cable modem service, tons of channels, and HBO and Showtime for about fifteen dollars more a month than I pay for just AOL. Time to say goodbye.

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