Monday, June 06, 2005

Good news, in that I found a great loving home for the kitten that I rescued. After I took her to the vet and made sure that she was healthy, I introduced her into "the world" of my apartment. It's been fun watching her personality grow as she gets healthy and more confident. Not to mention, her gain some healthy weight and her coat get more shiny and eyes more clear. She's still a teeny skinny girl, but so much more healthy and vibrant.

Almost immediately, a woman in the neighborhood asked me about her since I'd mentioned on the BBS that I'd taken her in. She and her family had been wanting to get a cat for a while, and after okaying the possibility of a new addition with the rest of her family, she came over to my apartment and she and kitty met. It was a good match and will be a great home for her. Since the woman wants a good mouser, the cat will not be declawed and will remain an indoor cat. She's a great chaser of cat toys, so I have no doubt she'll be an excellent mouser. We know people in common, which is even better. The woman is going to pick her up tomorrow to take her to the vet to get spayed. Tonight will be my last night with the kitty, and though it will be good to get things back to normal in the cat part of my life, I'll miss the little lady. I can't wait to hear of her progress in her new home.

I took some pictures of her.

WARNING: The images below contain gratuitous cat content.




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