Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The League of Jewish Gentlemen is here tonight.

At least that's what I call them. They meet at this Starbucks every Tuesday night and discuss religious or political issues. It's led by a man who is the youngest of the lot. He decides the topic for the night and brings copied materials written in both Hebrew and English, depending on the source. He's an attractive man, and speaks with enthusiasm, intellect, and fairness. He wears glasses and a nice suit every time, and the others are always dressed well. One of them has a key chain that advertised a sports medicine center. My guess, he's a nice Jewish doctor. I have a feeling he's not the only MD in the group. All wear yarmulkes and greet each other as old friends as they set up their tables according to the numbers. The leader has a kind face and is someone with whom I feel I could immediately be open with.

I'm comforted by this group. Their grasp of history and their culture within it. And, their care and willingness to discuss issues that are important to them. There's a tradition that is so clear within this group, starting that it is a men's group and that there seems to be a respect for the many opinions that surface during discussion. Tonight, the discussion is the recent events affecting the Gaza strip, and whether the land should be divided following the political or biblical borders. Or, whether they agree with the recent events in the "giving back" of parts of the Gaza strip to the Palestinians.

I'm incredibly ignorant on the history of the Gaza strip, so I couldn't speak on it. Listening to these men, I can see why that is. It's incredibly complicated and intricate.

I rescued a small cat a couple days ago and am looking for a home for her. She is incredibly sweet and so mellow. I took her to the vet today and she has a clean bill of health, though she did not enjoy the big adventure. I thought she was a kitten, but the vet thinks she's about one year old. I heard of her plight on our neighborhood BBS and it pulled at my heart strings. I set out to look for her and found her on the stoop leading into an apartment building. She let me approach her and pick her up. I put her in the car and drove her home, then set up her "room" with her own litter, food, water, cat bed, scratching post and got a little night light for her. I also play soft music for her when I'm not there. She is such a sweetie. I'll post pictures of her soon. I kept her seperate from my cats because of the risk of feline leukemia. Now that I know she doesn't have it, the gradual introduction will begin tonight. My cats have been incredibly cool about it, not stalking or growling at the door. So, we'll see how things go tonight.

A woman from Animal Rescue said she may be able to help with finding this cat a good, loving and responisble home. I hope so. She deserves one and will make someone very happy.

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