Friday, April 15, 2005

Yesterday I got a note under my door that the owner of the building is selling this apartment building. He asked that we have our apartments in "show" condition starting Monday.

What a crock of corn-embedded shit.

These owners have been virtually absent when it comes to repairing anything in the apartments. My bathroom was repaired, but that took photographic evidence to get them moving after a year of requests. My windows are still almost opaque, and they promised two years ago to have them replaced. This morning, the neighbor who is supposed to be evicted, went up and down the stairs several times at the crack of dawn, stepping very heavily. This is a daily thing, and I wasn't sure who was doing it, so I got up and looked out the window to see him walking out to a car. I guess he had a spat with his girlfriend because on his way to someone waiting in a car for him, he said, "Stupid fucking bitch."


I'm so tired of the bullshit that is Baltimore.

Sure, I'll have my apartment in show condition. Maybe I'll paint up some nice Satanic imagery and symbols to hang on the walls, then load up my mantle with black candles. Then, I'll hang up framed portraits of serial killers and a big sign that says Kevorkian for President over the entrance to my kitchen. Man, fuck you. I know I'm cranky today, but once again, fuck you.

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