Monday, April 04, 2005

Well, I heard some interesting and a bit sad building gossip today. It started when I heard someone knocking on the door of my neighbor's upstairs apartment, directly above me. These are the neighbors that walked me to the trash can with their BIG FUCKING DOGS. I listened to the knocking, and knew they were home as I'd heard them walking around up there, but they didn't answer the door. I've noticed that this seems to be the thing with them, that they don't answer the door, even when I knock on it. I've had to yell through it to let them know it's me.

A few weeks earlier, there was a court summons on the door for the girl. I've been watching them sell stuff for the past few months. Advertising for computer stuff, TV's, and other things. Just recently on the neighborhood website, they advertised her car for sale. They've sold another one before that, a heap of shit Jeep, during which they say they had a couple thousand dollars stolen from their apartment from a potential buyer. First, I don't keep that kind of cash in the house, nor should anyone. Second, I'm not stupid as to why someone would have that lying around. Third, someone looking at a car doesn't enter my house, period.

They've also told me of the items they have for sale, "because they have no money." Neither have jobs, the guy was in jail for a while, then served home detention, but that was a couple years ago when he first moved in. Things seemed to be going ok, except for the past year. I've heard terrible fights, seen some shady characters around, and they have been more secretive as of late. Their lives take place late at night, like mine used to, but it seems that it's not because that's a time they like to work. The guy has been beaten up and robbed on the street after he won some money in a court settlement. A few hundred dollars that the perpetrator just happened to know that he had on him on his way home. Read, perp was most likely a friend of the loser in court. I've just watched tumble after tumble that their lives have taken, and it's sad. Both of them are young. She's in her early twenties, and I just want to shake her and tell her to move back in with family, from whom she is currently estranged. They don't like the boyfriend.

Both of them are nice enough and I'm on good terms with both, but I think they are just making bad choices. Really fucking bad choices. Back to this afternoon, after the mystery knocker gave up on them, I heard a knock at my door. It was the contractor for the management company who was sent to do some small repairs on the windows in each apartment. Through him, I found out today that they haven't paid their rent for three months and are set to be evicted.


I found this out, because the girl didn't realize the man was inside my apartment and opened her door. The dogs came out and bolted into my apartment since my door was cracked open. I was sitting at my desk when it was infiltrated by hyperactive canines. The cats weren't pleased, but I thought it was funny. The repairman was surprised that the tenants above were still there, and that's when the beans were spilled to me.

That explains the secretiveness, the night habits, and the avoidance of unexpected guests. It's none of my business, so I'm just going to stay out of it. I have more thoughts on this, but am not going to mention them right now. What happens will happen.

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