Saturday, April 16, 2005

To put some of you at ease about my last post. The selling of my apartment building doesn't affect my tenancy. However, I'm sick of the bullshit and just may revoke it myself. Who knows who this building could go to? Based on emails like this from other Baltimore renters,

Can I tell you, I just went through the same thing. It took my landlord
almost a year to fix a broken window in my front room. It wasn't until
I busted the window underneath (on purpose) to get them to fix my shit.
I was even broken into and had my laptop stolen because they couldn't
or wouldn't get their security bullshit together. Almost sued but
realized that getting a judgment against them is no guarantee of
getting money. Moved out yesterday. Getting a place in Pittsburgh to be
closer to my son. Basically, I will be up there for two weeks and down
here for two weeks at the studio. But I'm done with shitty Baltimore

I thought of doing the exact same thing to my windows that this person did, especially when Hurricane Isabel hit. Oh gee, that branch just hurled right through my second story window. The both of them! Imagine the chances of that!

Most apartment buildings that reside in rowhouses have been allowed to go to shit by greedy out of town owners. I just don't want to be gristle for that pathetic Baltimore mill anymore.

I'll have to see how I feel about things, and yes, I haven't missed the meaning in this turn of events.

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