Saturday, March 05, 2005

Tweak. Tweak. Tweak.

Still tweaking the template. It's time consuming, especially when your HTML skills are rusty. I can find my way around, but getting it the way I want it is another thing. I added the snapshot up top from when I was playing around with my digital camera last night. Yes, I know it's all clunky with the title, but it will have to do for now. It won't stay that way.

Atticus has his bones back, and celebrated by performing a spectacular flying leap from the top of a twelve foot step ladder in my bedroom onto my bed. Did I mention I was in the bed at the time as was my other cat Scout? Boys will be boys. However, it did look fun so maybe I'll try it next.

I'll do a real post soon, but must get out of my apartment. I think I'm going to change coffee venues today because I have to do some work on a freelance project and need to be anonymous. I've gotten to know the wonderful people at the Starbucks quite well. One, a film student, even gave me her script to read for my feedback. I love how they've chosen to share their lives with me. As a result, I know a lot about them. I'll be at my table writing and all of a sudden I'll see a green apron out of the corner of my eye approaching me to sit at my table and talk during their breaks. It isn't intrusive at all, since I can be there for awhile and need breaks myself from my own work. All of them are very smart. I attribute it to the location, which is in a very educated area.

The coffee shop I'm going to today is downtown and I will be completely anonymous. Well, kind of. When I worked on The Wire I was there every morning, and they knew I worked on the show. I became a familiar face to these downtown funky types. My mom, Jack, Alec, and I stopped in one day and they didn't seem to place me. I hadn't been in for a couple months and instead of fighting off morning fatigue I was with my family. I was also fully awake.

Since I'm working on "work," I want to change up the atmosphere and clear my head a little. Sink back into a corner of the place and let go. Become Anne the Copywriter, instead of Anne the writer.

Hey, it's harder than it sounds.

Especially enduring the weird looks I get when I put on the cape.

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