Monday, March 14, 2005

Because I changed templates on this site, I'm having to go back to all my photographs and edit them. So to let you know, yes, I know it looks like shit. I'm sure there is a better solution than shrinkage, (isn't there always?) but right now what I can do is just make them smaller. I'm working the archives by date, from oldest to newest posts, so any posts that have my already too huge photographs on them blocking the text will be fixed. Some of them were already doing this on the old template, and needed fixing anyway. I wish I had the time to monitor everything on this blog, but I don't.

So, on I go, tweaking when I can.

I get my teeth cleaned tomorrow, and I'm going to talk to them about the pain that I still have in my face. Now, it feels deeper and is showing up in places like my neck, eye sockets, temple, back right side of my skull, front two teeth, and gums. Last night it got really bad. Not as bad as before, but bad. It even travels to the side of my tongue and to the roof of my mouth. All of course, on my right side where the work was done. This mostly happens when I lay down to sleep, during which I read for awhile first. I'm constantly trying to readjust the way I'm sitting so that the throbbing will stop. I take two Advil if I haven't eaten, and three if I have. There hasn't been a day since I've had this done that I haven't taken Advil.

I sent my first drafts of four concepts to the client for my current freelance job. I hope they like them. If they don't, I'll just create more. It's for a radio advertisement on an FM station that will be heard by millions of people in the Los Angeles area. So, I want them to be happy as it's a great opportunity for me as well.

My stepbrother, who is in the news business spent several days on a job with NBC as a field producer, camped on the lawn of the neighbor's house across from Martha Stewart to cover her homecoming from prison. This neighbor gave NBC an exclusive deal to set up on her property because she hates Martha Stewart. Imagine, press vans, trailers, news people, camera people, reporters, all allowed the best seat in the house by no one other than the person who lives across the street from you. Another reason to return those hedge clippers you borrowed to keep in good standing with the neighbors. You never know when you'll be coming home from prison and they let a major news organization set up on their lawn to record your every move. All the other press caravans had to set up and fight for territory while Dan and crew relaxed in the yard on lawn chairs. Of course, Martha sent out drinks and cookies to all the press EXCEPT for NBC. I didn't ask Dan whether it was purple Kool Aid or not.

I'd love to know what started off the neighbor feud. Perhaps Martha's dogs traipsed all over the woman's prize winning begonias, and it all went down hill from there.

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