Saturday, January 22, 2005

The snow has started, and is beautiful.

I already ran out in it to flag down the mail lady who was bundled up and delivering the Saturday mail. God bless her. I had a couple things to mail and don't know how the storm will affect me getting out or the mail getting to us. I think it will be fine, but I'm still a little shell shocked after the three feet of snow that we got when I first moved here from Los Angeles. That shut our neighborhood down for five days, since the city wasn't prepared for the sheer amount that we got and though we are in the city, we weren't on a major snow clearing route. Stir crazy doesn't even describe it. At the time, I was working at Barnes and Noble, which was closed for two days. I had to stay home from work for five days because the streets were not plowed. However, when all that was going on, I thought it was a good thing in the larger picture.

The little girl, Lily, who lives across the street and is an absolute a doll, is being pulled around on a sled by her dad. Jack, their dog is running alongside, excited and playfully barking at the spectacle, kicking up snow with his paws and snout. Dad is an editor at the Washington Post I believe, and I've had a lot of conversations with her mother, Molly whom I really like. One of the writers for The Wire that I worked with also knew Molly. Small world. If there is a perfect family, these two fit the picture. They have another daughter named Nell, and they just seem really happy. I think Lily is around four years old, and always has a smile and a wave for me. Sweet little girl.

I'm typing this post with Atticus draped across my lap. He's such a lap cat, especially when I'm at my computer. He usually rests his head and front two paws on my left arm, which he is doing right now. I somehow still manage to type. Right now he's purring happily, I'm sipping coffee and the snow is coming down in a heavy sift outside. Scout, my other cat is asleep on the pillow on the floor. I think we're all pretty happy and content right now.

We're supposed to get a foot of snow, and by the way it's coming down, I don't doubt it. Before it gets too deep, I'm going to walk to the Korean deli and get some basics. No, I'm not a snow alarmist, but my cupboards are pretty bare even if it was the best of weather outside.

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