Sunday, October 17, 2004

Today, my grandfather died. He is the last of my grandparents and it was sudden. He lived a long happy life and died peacefully. His body gave out under the stress of the surgery and post-surgery medications. The surgery was to deal with kidney and heart complications. He was on my father's side, and his wife had died almost twenty years earlier. He was in his 90's and still couldn't keep his composure when he talked about my grandmother, whom we called Mom. I know they are together now.

I hate death right now, mostly for its affect on people and the void it creates. Pop is in a good place, I know that. I'd known he been having bouts of illness and had a card ready to send to him. It sits on my table, wishing for him to get well soon. It has a silhouette of Mickey Mouse against a night sky watching shooting star and reads, "If wishing wells work, if crossed fingers count, if there's any magic in the world, you'll be feeling better soon."

I hadn't even signed it yet. So Pop, I hope you are feeling better, and riding on that shooting star.

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