Sunday, September 19, 2004

The premiere for our show was last night at the Brown Center at MICA, three blocks away from my apartment and two blocks from my mom and Jack’s house. I invited my mom and Jack to the event, and we walked to the premiere, which couldn’t have been more convenient and fitting. We were all dressed up, not overly so, but certainly looked like we were going to an event. As we approached, I could see that most of the crowd was dressed in casual attire, except for some of the actors and some other guests. I wasn’t pleased to see that, and said, “Look at them. What a bunch of bums,” at the lack of effort that most of my fellow crewmembers had put into their dress for the evening. I was half kidding, and felt overdressed, but Jack told me that there was no such thing as being overdressed, and not to sweat it. I didn’t, but was frustrated that I wouldn’t get to see my coworkers dressed up. I love seeing people put on their best instead of how you see them every day at work. And this was an evening event at a very cool venue.

The reception was in the lobby of the building, already crowded with people mingling and schmoozing. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, except for an iced mocha from Starbucks, so I was famished. I’d spent the morning looking for a more dressed down dress, and wasn’t able to find anything. After seeing the way that people were dressed, I was glad that I hadn’t wasted the effort and the money. My outfit mixed couture with more casual, and it seemed to work. My mom looked great in her long black dress with a rose colored shawl, and Jack looked very dapper, along with umbrella in hand, dressed in a suit complimented with an Hermes tie that I’d given him for Christmas one year back in my flush days. My outfit was from my flush days as well, half of it being from the outfit I wore to the CareerPath Christmas party, then passed through every red rope at Los Angeles night clubs such as the then impossible to get into, Sky Bar. My top was a Gucci cardigan over a black fitted halter, which dressed down the skirt. It was between that and an entire Prada outfit, once again bought during my flush days. Looking back, that outfit would have been fine, but it was a windy day, and I was dying to see and feel my long silky skirt blow in the wind. It did, and felt marvelous. My mom said that I looked like a Greek goddess. The skirt has a lot of fabric and is made for days like that. It sounds as if these things line my closet, but I can no longer afford to be so liberal in my clothing spending. Ever since my teen years, I had a fantasy of being able to buy such things, then when I could, I did. It is nice to have these souvenirs to pull out, and I always bought very classic, feminine stuff, that is except for the Gucci ski boots which I just had to have. And no, they weren't for skiing. That whole paragraph sounds like a designer name dropping spree, but so be it. I love designer clothes. Love them. However, my means can’t afford that anymore. Now, what would once have been spent on a Prada vest for me pays the rent. It’s a choice that I made, and am sticking to. I’m not willing to make the sacrifice that I did before and suffer another breakdown. Especially after this job, which I will touch on later.

But, back to the premiere. It was a lot of fun, especially watching my mom go and introduce herself to everyone. She talked to every single person that she could, and Jack and I had to keep up with her as she’d introduce herself and I’d reintroduce myself as being Anne from the writer’s office. Luckily, her rose shawl stuck out in the crowd and I could locate her when she got away. We talked to David Simon, Laura Lippman, Wendell Pierce, who plays Bunk on the show and was a sweetheart. He said that he remembered me from the office. Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar told my mom that she looked gorgeous, and when my mom said to him, “Not bad for an old broad, he said, “Oh my foot! You could beat me in a race anytime.” It was priceless. Omar is my mom’s favorite character on the show, so it was fun to see her meet him. And yes, his scar is real. Andre Royo, who plays Bubbles, told my mom that she was sexy. I wasn’t there to see that one, but I’m sure it was great. He’s a very nice and funny person. After we’d sat down in the theater, I spotted Robert F. Chew, who plays Proposition Joe on the show, sitting several rows behind us, and we made a special trip to say hello to him. I hadn’t met him before, and as he is just a great character and actor, I wanted to tell him so. Proposition Joe has some great lines, such as, “If you weren’t in with the Greek, you’d be a cadaverous mother fucker.” He was very gracious, thanking us and telling us how he became an actor. I told him that a week after I started with The Wire, that I’d spotted him in a Starbucks and how ironic it was. I told him which one, and he actually remembered being there at that time. The Mt. Washington Starbucks is quite unique, being a renovated old mill and made out of brick.

Before the episode aired, David Simon got up and gave a speech, thanking everyone and talking about the show and characters, that compared to what was going on in the world, The Wire, was soon going to be categorized as a light-hearted comedy. Dominic West arrived and sat behind us, and dressed in a suit may I say, being British that he is, but the show had already started. He ducked out quickly, and I was sorry that my mom didn’t get to meet him, as he’s a kick in the pants. As the credits came on, we saw my name and the three of us clapped. It was the first time I’d seen the entire credits roll, so had no idea when my name would come up. Thankfully, they remembered the “e” on my first name. The episode airs tonight at 9pm on HBO, then during the week if you don’t catch it then. If you catch the show, and give an airborne intercourse, watch the credits at the end and you can see my name flash up on screen. I’m the researcher, and I think I come on about three fourths the way through. Forever recorded as a part of that television show. Another, “Anne was here,” like in the book, and so many other places. I’ll have to look them all up sometime. As far as the credits, I’ll try to get a screen shot of it sometime and post it here. That will have to be through the help of my more technically inclined friends.

After the show ended, and all applause finished, my mom was at it again, greeting everyone. It was fun to watch her having so much fun and making the most of the opportunity. Jack preferred to sit back and watch, and my mom dove in and spoke to everyone she could. I was glad that she got to meet so many people, and people really responded warmly to her. How could they not? She is my mom, after all. They were very warm to me as well, shaking my hand and being gracious. The irony wasn’t lost on me, two small very dressed up women greeting people who looked like gangsters and in some cases were gangsters. I pointed out one of our new cast members who spent several years in prison for a double murder. And this is in real life. Another cast member was a legendary heroin king who was busted by one of our producers who is an ex-cop. Another is a con man and pick pocket, whose ways haven’t changed a bit, except for the pick pocketing. The stories are endless.

One funny part of the evening was when the girlfriend of one of the actresses gave me the evil eye after we approached. I won’t say who the actress was, and if you watch the show, it’s not who you’d expect, but the three of us figured out that they were a couple. I had no idea! I wondered why the woman was looking at me that way. Girlfriend needn’t have worried, as I don’t bark up that tree. I did find it funny though, not to mention a little flattering. Domenick Lombardozzi was charming, and held my hand as if it were blown glass that would shatter. He took my hands in both of his, which was very gentile, I thought. I love it when men treat you like a lady. Everyone was just incredibly nice, and I was really impressed with how they all greeted and spoke to everyone. It must be so incredibly hard, all these strange people coming up to you and wanting some face time.

There was a party afterward that I chose not to go to. It was in Canton and would require parking there on a Saturday night. I was talked out, didn’t want to drive anywhere and just wanted to have some quiet time with my mom and Jack. The three of us walked home in that same wonderful wind, my skirt shimmering under the streetlights as it blew behind me and rippled like liquid gold in the night.

I’m still trying to figure out what to make of that evening. That night I dreamed I was sitting on a bed and talking to Johnny Depp. I also came up with a great idea for my career dilemma with a job that would have me moving around and making enough money, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. I’m sure at some point it will come back to me. I was doing a lot of thinking that night, and as I walked from person to person, felt like I was experiencing everything through the eyes of someone else. I felt as if I was just along for the ride, with the ability to control the limbs and the expressions on the face of the puppet I was inside, but that I was really going to wake up, just like I did from sitting with Johnny Depp.

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