Monday, July 26, 2004

I've once again gone longer than desired between postings. It isn't because my job has interfered with my blog, but rather that my life has become infinitely void of the chance encounters, or fun and absurd happenings since I've moved to Baltimore, and it leaves me with not much to report. Though I have a neat job, my personal life is in limbo. On many fronts. And, because of the confidentiality of my job, there isn't much that I can write about on the blog.

It's strange to be somewhere in your own country where you feel like a foreigner. And, where you look at others as if they are foreigners. I was thumbing through old photographs and marveled at the amount of people that I was surrounded by when in Los Angeles. Nights out, dinners, clubbing, and days at coffee shops. Girl's days out at the salon or spa, girls and boys days out at the beach, and even sailing. Sitting on my Beverly Hills corner with my hunks whom I'd met there and giggling with them as they talked about their escapades. I made friends with ease in that town. And I'm still in touch and care about many of them. In a way, I never left them. When I came back this year, many of them came up and greeted me on the street when I visited my coffee shop. Even my coffee shop acquaintances remembered me and noticed I'd been gone, and walked up and gave me hugs. That felt really good.

As I type, the creator of the show is sitting across from me putting the final touches on episode seven of the show. As he types on his laptop, he seems oblivious to the world around him, and I wonder if the hole has formed in the computer screen for him as it does for me when I'm writing. The hole that leads to the world that you have ceased to create, but are now watching and recording. After he is finished, we will proof the script. Sometimes I think about the responsibility of that, that this script, and very high profile, public thing has been put into the hands of four kids, almost, to proof and make sure that it is ready to go to HBO. I mean, who are we to have this kind of responsibility? But we do it. Every week and a half, we do it.

The creator of the show (COS) asked me to do script coverage, meaning I'm the first person to read work submitted by writers who want a chance at writing for the show. I read it, grade it, and recommend if it passes or fails to go to the next level of consideration. It's funny sometimes when I think that I'm getting paid to read at work, and that the (COS)has enough confidence in my abilities that he asked me to do this. One of the submissions was an independently published book that Barnes and Noble doesn't carry, but I recognized the title off the bat. Several African-American women asked for it, and were surprised when I knew about the book. I guess I really am that lily-white. I'm reading that one first, and the others are scripts.

I've gotten to do a wide variety of things during this job, and that's been great. I've gotten to talk with Dennis Lehane, (Mystic River), Tony Kushner, (Angels in America), Anthony Walton, (Mississippi). I work alongside best selling authors and exist in a top-tier writer's world. Somehow, in this town where I am a foreigner, I was still able to find my way to this job through the "you can't...who do you think you are," mentality that exists here. Why? Because when the "I can't" dragon raises its scaly head, I stand ready to slay it with one swipe of the sword. Upon seeing my ferocity, it backs down and retreats to hunt for a more fallible victim. And there are so many of those here. Easy pick'ins.

On the contrary, my coworkers all have their personal projects and dreams they want to accomplish, and constantly amaze me at their diligence and dedication. All of us but one are not from here. And the one that is from here, an exceptionally mature, organized, and driven girl whom I have no doubt will realize her goals, had to wade through the same bullshit of "you can'ts," from friends and family that occurred even when she dared to go away to college. "Away," to her peers, was a college across town. Well dear detractors, she has, and not only that, she will. My other coworker just gave me a screenplay that he wrote that has gotten the attention of an agent, and I can't wait to read it. Another manages musicians, two of whom will be heard on the show. My goals aren't as obvious at work, but if I have a question about them, the right people are here to ask and I've certainly made connections to help them get realized. And, all are very nice and seemingly generous people who would take the time to answer. Not only that, make sure that we get the credit for what we do. The COS made sure that myself and the girl I just mentioned received acknowledgments in a forthcoming book where we wrote the glossary and meticulously fact checked, corrected and proofread the contents.

This job ends at the end of October, and I have no idea what I'm going to do next. However, I'm okay with that. It is the non-permanence that makes it a better experience as if it is a preparation for what I'm going to do next in the process of trying to return to Los Angeles. I'm taking things as they come, and know I'll end up somewhere. Maybe not where I want to right away, but I am richer for having had this experience.

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