Thursday, July 29, 2004

I'm starting to believe that I have a sixth sense.

No, I don't see dead people, as far as I know. But I can sense things at times before they happen. That just not right feeling in the air that had me getting out of bed last night at 2:00am, turning off my airconditioner and fan, then cracking the window open so I could hear the outside. The hair on my arms stood up on end and for the first time, I was afraid in my apartment. I got back into bed, pulled the covers up to my chin in the dark, and relaxed my body a bit slightly having convinced myself that my jitters were the result of an overactive imagination.

And that's when the sound of a huge explosion ripped through the night.

I jumped, my cats, who were already as alert as I was, jumped. I got out of bed, kicked over the bowl of change on the floor but didn't slow my pace. The cats followed me into the bathroom where I turned on the light. The dog in the apartment above me was going nuts, running back and forth. I walked out, back to the bedroom and heard the helicopter buzzing above, then peeked out the window and saw the bright light casing the buildings across from me and the alley. I walked to the kitchen, which looks out to the street, and saw the reflections of blue and white lights on the windows across from me.

I got dressed, pulling on a white T-shirt and jeans. I was scared, so I didn't care that I didn't have on a bra. I searched for my keys, then walked outside.

One patrol car was blocking the intersection, and two guys who had been roused from their beds like I was were questioning him. I walked over, and the cop said there was a bomb threat at the armory, which is a mammoth building a few blocks from me. He had not heard the explosion, so didn't have an answer. "It's not even my district," he said, "I was just told to block off traffic."

I went back upstairs, then was restless for an answer. I left my apartment again, walking aimlessly around my neighborhood and stopped to talk to people who were outside because of the noise. No one had any answers, no clues at what the explosion was were visible, and I realized that being outside at this time of night was silly. I walked back to my apartment and went to bed. I dreamt I was shoveling cocaine out of the ground and encasing it in cement molds so that when the mafia came back, they couldn't sell any of it.

This morning, I learned that someone had planted two pipe bombs outside the armory, and the explosion I heard was the police safely detonating the bombs.

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