Monday, July 12, 2004

I saw Spiderman 2 with my mom and nephew today. Excellent movie. Well done, well acted, good dialogue, and an actual story line. The effects were great, and there were some very funny moments. I highly, highly recommend it.

I hadn't seen the first Spiderman, so I had a friend send it to me on DVD. Before I went to this one, I was able to watch the first hour, which I also thought was very good, again for the same reasons. And, it introduced me to the story and how Spiderman became Spiderman. No, I didn't know.

Shut up.

Alec, my nephew is here from Atlanta, and has a non-stop mouth. He talks from morning until night, but didn't during the movie thankfully. I asked my mom if I was that much of a chatterer, and she said that I wasn't. I was grateful to hear so as I would have felt guilty for putting her through that. Other than the chatter box, he's a great little guy. Seven years old, funny, and very social. He'll talk to anyone, make friends immediately and doesn't shy away from adults or kids. I remember one time when my sister and Alec came to visit me in Los Angeles. I think he was around three years old, still young enough to be in a stroller for long walks. We were walking down Santa Monica Blvd., looking for somewhere to eat, and there was a bedraggled homeless man sitting on the sidewalk. The man looked in his mid thirties, but the streets and alcohol had aged him to look much older. He had long, dirty blonde hair, a scraggly beard, sun baked skin and wore clothes that were that "homeless" color, a dark grey brown, due to dirt and wear. As we passed, Alec leaned forward in his stroller and said, "Hi," to the man, who was sitting hunched over. At my nephew's greeting, he sat up straight, looked him in the eye and said very properly back, "Well hello, sir." It was priceless. And that's Alec. He's here until Thursday or Friday, I think, staying at my mom and Jack's house.

Yesterday, I rearranged my apartment a bit and it has a much better feel to it. I just love what I did. I hadn't planned on pushing around furniture, but the inspiration came over me. I've also painted and realize that I've learned a bit since attempting my last one. I'm either getting better, or it was a lucky shot. Either way, I feel like I've learned a lot and loosened my grip. Drawing or painting in color is a much different exercise. Instead of using darker shades to create form, you use shades of color. And that leaves an endless array of choices. Mostly, it's just observation, when looking at the subject and remembering to just paint what you see. It's easy to try to overcompensate though, and I've fallen into that trap many times. So, it feels good to think that I've actually learned something in these attempts.

I'm also working on my bedroom walls, as the landlord finally got me a ladder tall enough to reach my 12-foot-high ceilings. I find it interesting that I'm scraping away this highest layer, at a time where there has been a lot of change in my life. Reaching the top, if you will. I started the project a year ago, but couldn't continue due to lack of a ladder. I find that very metaphorical to what I've been going through lately. The asking for a leg up, but only when I'm asking so that I can continue to do the work myself, not in the hope that someone will finish what I started after it got too big, or too tall for me in this case. And, that I can continue because I've prepared. Because I rent, I refused to buy a ladder, as the building with its high ceilings should have one anyway. Not to mention, the free work they are getting from me. The personal satisfaction though, and process as I described, is why I'm doing it. And that, the landlord doesn't have to be privy to. As I work, I listen to the audio version of The Da Vinci Code. I'm not impressed with the narrator, but am glad that I am listening to this book instead of reading it.

I'm trying not to feel like I have to do too much during break, or concentrating on how many days of it that I have left. I'm just being, taking it little by little.

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