Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We've had three warm days in a row here, which always provides such a different state of being for those of us who are affected by our environment. Plus, it introduces sounds that we haven't heard in a while due to people being out more and windows being open. Another change has taken effect for me, in that I'm seeing people that I've never seen before due to my switch to working days again. I get home when it's light, seeing a whole new world in my neighborhood. Pets, people, kids, carpools, bicyclists, wanderers going from here to there, and neighbors.

The longer days have provided many sunsets in my apartment that I'm home to enjoy. My huge windows, which are one and a half times my height, invite the amber rays to cast a kaleidoscope of warm colors on my walls, furniture, floor, tables, couch, and cats as they lie in the window sill and breathe in the fresh spring air, slowly creeping across every surface as they deepen into orange. It's been a much better existence so far.

I haven't updated this week because I'm settling into this new schedule and that will take some getting used to. I've also been busy with a few other projects that have demanded my time. My body is shifting back into being a day person, and there are days like today where it fights back with a vengeance. I groggily wandered around my apartment looking for underwear, my pants, socks, a shirt to wear, and tried to figure out some way for my hair to not look like I suffered an electric shock. My cats swirled around my feet, meowing for their food and tickling my shins.

Before I left for work, I managed to get everything on and right side out, my hair defrizzed, and the cats fed. The time shift is worth it though, as my job has been great and exposed me to so many things in just a short time. Including the part of myself that I've been spending these last two years trying desperately to find. Yes, everything is new and that makes it easier. I can still be safely detached, but involved.

But it's been a long time since I can say even that.

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