Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Pardon me for my absence.

I had to make sure that the problem that I mentioned in my last post was getting handled, and half of it is over. The good news, is that my greatest concern has been taken care of due to some cloak and dagger action across the continent by some very brash and smart individuals. I can't be more specific, but this is very good news and the big score. These caped crusaders got my property back from the shady business, and back to where it belongs in the hands of the lawful business.

It's not over, but from now on I'll be dealing with an esteemed, more than understanding, upstanding, and legitimate business that I should have trusted in the first place. To those who helped me with this first, most important coup, you rock. You won one for the good guys. Not to mention, saved my ass more than you'll ever know.

To the people who are associated with the shady company - a pox on you and your families, and a good dose of genital warts, ring worm, ingrown toenails, bed bugs, bird flu, crabs, irritable bowel syndrome, hives, scabies, and elephantitis of the tits and nuts, as well. If you'd run things on the level, you still could have had a good business and made money. But you got greedy, and chose the path of ripping people off who were already down on their luck.

Now, for step two, I haven't decided how I'm going to handle this one yet. That's the money part, but it's a much better outlook since step one was accomplished. I still don't have the cash, and don't know what the amount will be, but perhaps something can be worked out. Either way, I will have to accept it.

Then, step three. And that's exposing the shady business and the cockroaches who run it to the proper authorities. But first, I must take care of step two.

To those who wrote and were concerned. Thank you.

To my good friend who without being asked, made a twenty mile trip to investigate the second possibility of its location, thank you. Your selfless act provided me with a champion that I could trust on my side.

To the chatty brown-toothed lady at the register who shared with me that when she was flossing her teeth the night before she heard a clink in the sink and looked down to see her tooth rolling around inside the porcelain, then promptly bought a candy bar, thanks for reminding me how much worse I could have it. I can always rely on our customers to quickly put my life back into perspective for me.

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