Thursday, November 27, 2003

For Thanksgiving, I give thanks...

For my health, my laughter, and my sadness. For my perseverance, and times of stillness. For my mom and Jack, who have through their actions, showed me that I matter, and for not being afraid to know me. For my sister, who decided that her strange sister is worth having around after all. For my beloved cats, my love of music and art, my travels, and passing moments with strangers. For the smell of autumn leaves, the glimmering oranges of sunset bouncing off rippled clouds, for a deep orange harvest moon. For my incredible apartment for which I pay a low price. For those who encourage, as well as those who criticize and give me pause. For my metabolism, and my althletic ability. For my artistic talent and sensitivity to other's art. For my competence at working with my hands, and coordination. For friends who somehow put up with me and make me laugh with their incredible wit. For this blog, and what it has become. For the sound of rain fall, and distant thunder, the whisper of wind through the trees. For warm showers with an endless supply of hot water. For understanding, for courage, for desire.

For Hope.

It is not wasted on me.

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