Wednesday, September 17, 2003

A still night before the storm.

You can literally hear a pin drop outside, and this is the first night that I haven't heard the cicadas singing.

Picture at right: Photo of hurricane Isabel taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Today was beautiful, crisp, sunny, and devoid of any evidence that a storm is headed our way. That is, until you try to find a parking place in the Rite-Aid lot, and the local hardware store is out of D batteries. Sneaky little twinkle toes that I am, I went to the local art supply store and scored the last two packages of D batteries. Or, until you go to the gas station and try to fill up your car with regular unleaded, and the sweet, sparsely-toothed attendant comes to tell you that the reason you're just getting air when you depress the handle is because they just ran of it. So, my car got a treat today of a tank full of the next grade up of gas. And, when you are driving to Starbucks, listening to all the school closings tomorrow in the city, and come home to see that the landlord has posted instructions on keeping an eye out for flooding in the building and to not park your car under large trees. Luckily, I'm on the second floor. My car will have to fend for itself, but I did heed the advice.

A hurricane is the one weather event that I haven't experienced yet. Once again, I think that Maryland is trying to make up for the lack of severe weather events that I experienced while living in California. Or, it's just trying to show off. Starting with the 28 inch snow storm from last winter that kept me housebound for four days, and the incredible thunderstorms we've had here this summer. No one knows how bad it's going to be, so we're all just waiting. And that has made it eerily quiet outside.

I'm supposed to work tomorrow at 4pm, but I have a feeling that will be called off. The storm is supposed to hit at 2pm, and I'm not going to risk my life driving to work. I have a feeling, if it gets bad, that the store will close early to allow people safe passage home. The people in Maryland have enough trouble driving when conditions are ideal.

My mom and Jack are in Europe, leaving me to care for EJ their cat and their house while they are gone. Since they live around the corner, it's in walking distance. On the way home, I passed a good looking kid who looked to be of college age. Though we didn't know each other, we said hello as we passed, and then he said, "You're really pretty." I was taken aback by such a forward compliment, and thanked him, giggling a little. We were both still walking away from each other and I didn't look back. Neither did he, I don't think. How nice and refreshing for a young man to feel confident enough to compliment a woman in a nonthreatening and genuine matter. And, it sure put a smile on my face as I walked the rest of the way home.