Friday, July 04, 2003

Independence Day.

I went down to the Harbor with my mom and two of her friends after eating a 4th of July grilled dinner cooked by my stepdad, Jack. He opted out of the trip to the harbor, nursing sore ribs from falling while jogging, so it was the four of us.

The fireworks were beautiful, coupled with a humid night sitting on the grass near the water. A crowd of families, couples, singles, and hodgepodges of folks like us were gathered to watch the spectacle. During the finale, boats blew their horns, as did a few cargo ships, their loud vibrating bellows almost drowning out the noise of the fireworks. There is nothing more moving than when the world stops to watch something and shows appreciation on such a vast scale. The different sounds of the horns were as varied as the faces in the crowd. Yet we gather for a common reason, to celebrate the nation's independence, and to celebrate us as Americans.

Happy 227th Birthday, America.

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