Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I was so sad upon hearing this news that I cried myself to sleep last night. I did not know this cat. Nor did I meet him, but I grew to love him through his pictures. So much, that I asked John to send me more of them when I saw the cat on his site, which he did. When I needed a smile, I'd look at them. This cat's unique character just came right through his pictures and brought a cheer to my day. And his name, Humbug, just took the cake.

Apparently, he was much loved in the neighborhood which John said is in utter mourning at his passing. It may seem strange, but I liked knowing that Humbug was in the world. He was one of those manifestations of goodness that brought joy to his little part of the world and to the many people around him. Manifestations of goodness can come in many forms. Whether it's a perfect tree to sit under, the smell of spring rain, an owl that follows you on a walk, good neighbors, or in this case an affectionate cat that liked to invite himself in and roll around on your carpet. You realize how blessed you are to be in the right place to benefit from this goodness. Now, he's gone due to a careless driver. How fragile we are.

It is a void that was felt across the Atlantic. I will miss knowing that his one of a kind goodness exists.

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