Sunday, February 16, 2003

A snow storm has taken over Maryland and Virginia. There is already over a foot of snow on the ground from the fall that began last night and it shows no signs of subsiding. It's absolutely beautiful.

I was supposed to work today but got a call from the manager at 6AM asking me if I had anticipated coming in today. I told her yes, then heard her sigh in exasperation. She told me about the weather, and I looked outside. I had no idea that our city had endured such a storm. Even at around 3AM, there was nothing, and this was only three hours later.

"Holy cow," I said.
"Yeah," she said.

She told me she'd call the district manager and call me back. Ten minutes later, my phone rang again and she said, "We're closed." And that was that. No work for me today. I can't say that I was disappointed, because I just finished a five day stretch of work, and only had one day off between another five day stretch that was to begin today. Now, I have a real break that may continue into tomorrow. Two feet or more is predicted.

Just after typing this, my same manager called and said that tomorrow we were closed as well. So, no work once again.

It is now 11:29PM, and I'm about to retire to bed. The snow has not let up, and continues to accumulate. My car is completely buried.

Completely buried.

Only the mirror sticks out to identify the large lump of white as a passenger vehicle. We have more than two feet on the ground, and now they are saying that it might get to three. Incredible.

I haven't let myself be cooped up inside, taking two walks to my mom and Jack's house. Once to make waffles and once to get some soda. I fell once on the sidewalk, but it was a good fall where I just let my body go limp and not fight it. I doubt that I even have a bruise, except for on my pride. My mom saw the whole thing from the front door. It's amazing to walk in two feet of snow, at times the drifts were so large that I sank above my knees. The sheer energy it takes to get around. We had people pulling their kids on sleds (because they would have sunk in the snow otherwise) and one guy who used cross country skis to get around. Everyone used the streets for sidewalks and was in good spirits. I met a lot of neighbors that I'd never seen before. Dogs played in the snow, including Reese the Great Dane and Annabelle, a smaller black dog from next door whom I can hear barking when she's by herself. Another dog named Persephone joined the group and it was fun to watch them romp in the snow, chase each other, and bite at the snow clumps that we tossed in the air. Reese managed to take out Bill, my next door neighbor and owner of Annabelle, and knocked him right on his rear. Bill took it in good stride.

It's a winter wonderland outside, so I'm going to tuck myself into my sleigh bed and open a good book. I'm happy and content right now, and that feels good. I think it's because the snow storm has forced everyone to take a communal break, which we need to do from time to time.

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