Saturday, February 08, 2003

My mom and Jack bought me a membership to the Baltimore Museum of Art. This means, that I can go in at any time and not have to pay, and be invited to special events and the like. I even got a present, but will have to go to their house to see what it is. What a nice surprise.

My spirits have been a bit better at work due to a few things. One, I've begun my oil painting class and am very much enjoying it. It also exposes me to another side of Baltimore, the creative and artsy side inhabited by smart and funny people.

The other thing, is that at work, I've allowed myself to let go and realize that this store will never be the experience that I had at the other Barnes and Noble. That doesn't mean that I've been able to turn a blind eye and ignore the unshaven armpit of humanity that comes in the store, but that I've allowed myself to search for other opportunities. My knowledge and experience is being wasted on those people who buy romance novels, Dr. Atkins books, bargain books, and coin price guides so they can go home and see if one of those dusty coins up in their attic may be their meal ticket.

The customers who come to our store are honestly the dimmest and grossest people that I've come across. Yeah, people who work retail say that about everyone, even John Updike was inspired to write A&P where he's less than complimentary of the clientele. However, these people go beyond that. Really, they do. I have gone from one extreme, affluent and educated Calabassas to Deliverance. So, I am working to remove myself from their presence before I get told I have a pretty mouth and to squeal like a pig. Again, nothing drastic, but I have now given myself the freedom to let go.

There is a dog next door that barks all night. I think his owner is away and the dog is suffering anxiety over being alone. His owner lives in a lavish rowhome and drives a BMW, from what I can tell. I don't really see him that much. I've seen the dog though, looking out the ground floor window at passers by. He's a cute black lab type and doesn't look like he's yet full grown. I'm guessing that he's a recent addition to the house. He sets off the other dogs on the third floor above me and sometimes it's a chorus of barking dogs for a few minutes while my upstairs neighbors, both dog owners, try to settle their canine friends down. Just now, as if on cue, Reese the Great Dane has chimed in which has set off the two poodles above me. I don't think the guy is aware that his dog barks all night, but I have a feeling the neighbors will let him know. I may drop a nice note in his mailbox to alert him that his dog is not doing too well when left alone in the house. I'm more concerned for the dog than bothered by the barking.

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