Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I felt it again.

The tingly, prickly feeling on my back as I hurried from the parking lot into work. I kept looking behind me at parked trucks. Like I said, I'm usually not like this, but this guy has spooked me.

And I have good reason, as he struck again tonight, and killed his target.

For those who aren't familiar with the area, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia are all considered part of the Washington DC metro area. People who live in Baltimore commute to DC, just like I did for my interview. It's the same as New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. DC is a forty minute drive away with no traffic, to put it into perspective. Virginia surrounds DC, and Maryland is just across the Potomac River from DC. The sniper has hit areas that are all within an hour's drive from me.

I heard about the latest shooting when I got home tonight and logged onto the computer. I'm glad I didn't know about it on the drive home or while walking back out to my car.

I looked at another apartment today. My mom's friend Lois, who is a real estate agent, took me to an old row house right next to her own that had an apartment on the top. The whole place was empty, and we walked up the stairs to the third floor apartment. It was nice, and had exposed brick, Berber carpet, central air conditioning, a washer and dryer, and a porch, but I think that I liked the other place better. It was smaller than the one that I saw last week, and a little darker. Also, with all the amenities, it may be a bit expensive for me. The row house had just been bought by an investor, and is currently vacant. I love poking around in these old row houses, it's fascinating to see the details and layout. I feel like a time traveler exploring the 1800's. This particular street is paved with brick, traffic is blocked off, and hosts a gazebo in the middle of it. Absolutely charming.

Lois gave me the code to get into the house, so I can take my mom to see the place. It's walking distance from us.

Speaking of walking, I took a walk at dusk last night. Fall is starting to push summer along it's way, and I walked around the neighborhood in the crisp, cool, air. I am very much looking forward to fall, and to experiencing my first change of seasons in eight years.

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