Sunday, September 15, 2002

Fifteen minutes and counting until The Sopranos premiere. I have gone too long without a good dose of Tony.

My mom and I drove around Baltimore today looking for apartments for me. I saw one in Fells Point that was a dump, but an interesting fact about it was that above it in the row house, lived two renowned figure skating coaches. He didn't mention their names, but Fells point seemed a strange place for world class figure skating coaches to live. There is a skating rink here, a large one where Dorothy Hamill skates, but it isn't really close to Fells Point. The apartment that I saw was street level with horrid carpeting that had a huge stain in the middle. How people stain their carpets like that, I have no idea. It was a studio apartment that had a small kitchen and carpeted bathroom. Again, why people carpet their bathrooms, I have no idea. We knew we were going to see an inexpensive place, but this was a dump. Baltimore is hit and miss, sometimes you get a great place for cheap, other times you get a pit. I require hardwood floors too, as carpet in apartments is disgusting and completely depressing, since they always use the cheapest crap they can find.

I had an interview in Washington, DC for a position as a project manager. I woke up at 6am on Tuesday to catch the 7:20am MARC train to Washington. I was pressed, washed and primped, not a hair out of place with my new do, and I carried my resume in a leather binder under my arm. I watched the daily commuters with interest who boarded the train or congregated at the stops as we pulled up. This was a daily ritual for them. Everyone was in business attire and I wondered what they all did for a living as they passed me by looking for an open seat. There was a young caucasian man who was reading photocopied, hand-written Arabic and highlighting sections, and I wondered if he was one of the new recruits for the CIA or FBI.

The entire trip took around two hours, with me getting to the interview at just before 9:30, when it was scheduled. The woman that I interviewed with was very nice and smart, but I think the job was more task-oriented instead of my preferred project-oriented, and the place was very corporate. Hardly the warm, creative, and vibrant atmosphere that I was looking for. It did pay a lot of money though, around $62,500 a year. However, money isn't important, as I've had money before and it doesn't mean a darn thing if you aren't happy. And for me, it would only solve short-term money problems and not the long-term career woes that I'm currently having.

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