Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I think I've pulled about every muscle in my back and arms.

I've been lifting, pushing, and sliding down the stairs heavy boxes of all sizes. Strangely, my ankles are sore along with my shins. I have no idea what caused that, but I'm not happy about it. Back muscles are tolerable unless they are tight due to stress. The muscles around your shins and ankles emit a much deeper and throbbing pain. As I type, the left one is having a field day.

However, I'm surprising myself with how organized I am for this move. I still have no move date, just that it will be in the span of the 10th through the 14th of August, but that hasn't stopped me from getting packed and organized. Come move day, I don't want to lift a finger. I said that last time, and ended up lifting several. Not this time. So I'll do with just one lamp. And, I mailed my winter clothes to my mom's a couple of weeks ago, so no worries about those. I still have a few framed pictures to pack, but am trying to take care of the more awkward stuff to pack first. My once cramped room is definitely more spacious, but the clutter problem is just as bad. I figure I'll pack a few more boxes tomorrow and maybe mail off another clothing box to mom. The thing is, it costs money to do that, and I want to have plenty of money for the trip.

As I packed my stuff tonight and tried to tape the boxes quietly as Cathy and Reese slept, I wondered when I was going to see it again. Yes, it will be stored at my dad's house, but I wondered when I was going to be opening those boxes to enjoy or put to use everything I was packing. It's sad, thinking that. It feels like I'm storing away part of my life and the familiar things that I've become so accustomed to seeing. When I moved here, I got to take that stuff with me and use it. With this next move, I will have very little of it with me. I am taking with me in the car things that I cannot do without; my computer, photo albums, music, and of course my beloved cats. I bought them extra big carriers so they can move around in the car, yet still have a space where they feel safe.

I had my car serviced last week from head to toe to make sure everything was okay for the trip. The service took all day, and I walked to the local mall to see "Road to Perdition," a film that I enjoyed very much. Before the film, I fell asleep in the Honda dealership, much to the amusement of the car salesmen. One of them, an African-American man woke me up when he made a joke to me, asking me if the accommodations were to my standards. I looked at him groggy, and said "Sure, can I get some room service?" That one got a laugh out of the group in the lobby. I looked at the clock, and realized that I'd dozed off for an hour. When I learned the service would take all day, I went to the mall. After the movie, I walked into the Barnes and Noble, (not the one I worked at) and got a mocha. I thought I'd feel some kinship to the people who worked at Barnes and Noble but didn't. The booksellers there were older and a little bookwormish, unlike our store where we were more hip and lively. These people reminded me of librarians and depressed the hell out of me. Bland clothes, bland faces. So, I walked out and wandered around. I should have seen another film, but didn't. Instead, I walked around feeling very out of place and stranded, because I was.

I was in a strange place in Thousand Oaks, and felt like I was very obvious as I walked around with nowhere to go. It's not like I could afford to shop, so that took the fun out of it. Finally, I went back to the dealership and you guessed it, fell back asleep.

I'm glad that I got that over with as well. I'm dreading move day. That will be the worst, I think.

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