Sunday, August 11, 2002

I got my move date on Friday, and it is tomorrow.

I don't go, but my furniture does. I've spent most of the last two days packing, looking in closets, under beds, in all the rooms, and taping up more boxes that I shove into the garage to await transport. Luckily, I'd started this process two weeks ago, so it's mostly tieing up loose ends and double checking so that there are no big surprises. Reese, who works at Home Depot. bought some boxes and brought them home to me at my request, just to have extras if needed. Of course, I will reimburse him.

It was hot again yesterday, way over the 100 degree mark, and I went to get my hair cut at Fantastic Sam's. I just wanted a trim, and I got a damn good one for only $13.95. It was refreshing, being in a no frills salon. I was in and out in just over twenty minutes, unlike the usual commitment it takes in a fancy salon. Once you've been through checking your clothes in a coat check after changing into the smock, to the consultation with the stylist, to the assistants washing and conditioning your hair and getting you water or a coffee, the time it takes for the stylist to cut your hair, then back to the assistants to style and blow dry it, you're in for a good two hours and owe a hell of a lot of tips to different people. Not only that, I've never been satisfied with a haircut that I've gotten in Los Angeles but for a couple of times. They are too much into the LA look, and well, I'm not. This was great. I bought a blended beforehand, just walked in without an appointment, sipped it through the cut and didn't get a blow dry. Cost, under $20.00, including tip. I figured the 100+ dry heat would take care of that, and it did. Since I have natural curls, I can do that. And, I tipped only one person. The one that cut my hair.

I stayed up late last night, and therefore woke up in the early afternoon today. It was today that I felt my first pangs of nervousness in my stomach, and they will not leave. I hate moving, even when I am physically prepared for it. Because, one is never completely emotionally prepared to move and I am no exception.

So, I'm going to heed my therapist's advice to "eat." When I get under pressure, I tend to forget to do that. So, I'm going to go to a favorite coffee shop for one more visit and pack down a meal. This is a real coffee shop, in that it serves real food, and breakfast all day. I used to go to it when it was just a coffee shop in my neighborhood, then all the hipsters and stars started to come after it was featured in the movie Swingers and it went from a quiet and strange Hollywood Hills coffee shop to a see and be seen place where you had to wait for a table. Fortunately, I go alone and sit at a stool at the counter like you're supposed to in a coffee shop. I've been joined by celebrities there, because you sit with your back to the crowd, and no one bothers you. They have their reasons for wanting that, I have mine.

I haven't decided on my actual leave date. I'm flirting with Friday, but may want to move it up a couple of days. I find myself just wanting to get on with it. That means I am ready, and that is good.

Okay, I'm off to turn my back on a few hipsters at the coffee shop for the last time.

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